The next 2 pages contain 23 newspaper articles about Major Taylor. Do to the size and condition some of the articles  they were scanned at a high resolution and may take a little extra time to load. If you have a interest in a particular one and can't read it please e-mail me and I will try to send you a copy.

Taylor Matched To Race Five Men
The Philadelphia Press
April 12, 1898

Jacquelin and Major Taylor to  Have Another Race
The Sun
May 19, 1901

Major Taylor Turns The Tables On Jacquelin
The Sun
May 28, 1901

Major Taylor Meets Jacquelin In Paris and Succumbs
The Sun
May 17, 1901

Tom Butler Defeated Major Taylor in One Mile Championship
The Philadelphia Press
August 20, 1899

Major Taylor Backed Down, Colored Cycling Star Refused to Race an Amateur for Championship
The Philadelphia Press
August 13, 1899

Major Taylor Mile Champion, The Colored Rider Scores an Easy Victory at the World's Bicycle Meet
The Philadelphia Press
August 11, 1899

Taylor Beats Cooper
New York Herald
December 9, 1900

Major Taylor, The Colored Wonder
The Evening Bulletin-Philadelphia
September 20, 1898

Taylor in Front, The Colored Rider Leads All The Professionals
New York Daily Tribune
August 19, 1900

Jimmy Michael Beaten By Major Taylor, The Colored Boy
New York Daily Tribune
August 28, 1898

Teddy Hale Is Now Champion, New Six Day World's Record
The Sunday Advertiser, New York
December 13, 1896

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