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"The Fastest Bicycle Racer In The World"
Author - An autobiography by Marshall W. "Major" Taylor
Publisher - First Self published in 1928
International Standard Book Number - 0-836910-4
Library Of Congress Catalog Card Number - 74-173618

"MAJOR TAYLOR" The extraordinary career of a champion bicycle racer
Author - Andrew Ritchie
Publisher - Bicycle Books, Inc. (1988)
- Johns Hopkins University Press (1996)
International Standard Book Number - 0-933201-14-1
Library of Congress Catalog Number - 87-70730

"Major Taylor Down Under" A Black American in white Australia, 1902-1904
Author - Jim Fitzpatrick III
Published - As yet unpublished

"Hearts Of Lions"
Author - Peter Nye
Publisher - Penguin Books Canada Ltd.
International Standard Book Number - 0-393-02543-8

"Australian Cycling In The Golden Days"
Author - H. "Curly" Grivell
Publisher - Courier Press, Unley Road, South Australia (no date)

"Bicycle Rider"

Author - Mary Scioscia
Publisher - Harper Trophy
International Standard Book Number -0-06-025222-7

"Major Taylor, bicycle racer biography at a glance"
"Worcester Whirlwind, overcame bias"
"Champion cyclist beat Jim Crow"
"Major Taylor's influence continues"
The above newspaper articles are by Lynne Tolman

"Justice Comes 50 Years Too Late For Whirlwind"
Newspaper article by - John Gearan (Worcester telegram, 07/16/82)

"The Cycles Transport" An article about one of Major Taylor's bikes.
Newspaper article by - Paul Haigh (Australian Express, 22/17/92)

"Major Taylor, Great Man And Cyclist"
Magazine article by - William Sanders (Bike World Magazine)

"Way ahead of his time" For Major Taylor, prejudice was often his toughest competitor
Magazine article by - Peter Nye

"Major Taylor -The Forgotten Champion"

Magazine article by - Ted Carrol
Our Sports magazine, August 1953
"Midwest Bicycle Review"
Publisher - Midwest Bicycle Review
Nov-Dec, 1978, Volume 4, Number 10

Magazine article by - Andrew Ritchie
Cycle Sport, September 1994