The Major Taylor Society

   This site is dedicated to Marshall Walter "Major" Taylor  the turn of the century American and World bicycle racing champion. The purpose of this site to keep his name, history and racing heritage alive.
    I created The Major Taylor Society after I became a avid fan of not only his incredible bicycle racing abilities but also the way that he lead his life and his strong religious beliefs.
   I was frustrated at not being able to find out more information about him. Hopefully this site will help out other people like me who want to learn more.
   I would like this site to be as complete as possible a compilation of any and all information available relating to Major Taylor.
   Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, suggestions, comments or corrections regarding Major Taylor or this web site.

Thank you,
John J. Schuller

   With this latest update I have  additional vintage newspaper articles, additional Ephemera collection items and a web site article on Major Taylor for children in the Related Organization section. I would like to apologize to everyone for this site being down for so long. I have had personal, computer and financial problems for the last few months, but the site is up and running and hopefully updated soon! I have a few nice things to add!
Thanks for visiting my site!

The Major Taylor Society

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April 20, 2000
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